Muddy Acres offers Bucket of Blooms as well as Flowers by the Bunch to make your
own arrangements - perfect for DIY weddings and special events!
By the Bunch
Our flowers are sold by the bunch, generally 10-stem bunches. 
This is a great option for those who have a vision and are looking for specific blooms. 
Prices can be found here.
Bucket of Blooms – We Pick 
A 5-gallon bucket of seasonal blooms is $65. 
If you are looking for specific blooms and/or colors, the price is $80. 
We require a 2 bucket minimum.
Bucket of Blooms – You Pick
If you want to come to the farm and cut your own flowers, 5 gallon buckets are $45. 
We require a 2 bucket minimum.
Whether you would like to purchase flowers by the bunch or by the bucket,
please contact us as soon as possible with a date and description of your event as well as the flowers you had in mind.
A $50 deposit will hold your spot with any of the above options.


For Reference:
 Dahlias, peonies and sunflowers are sold separately by the stem and are not included in buckets.
 We will try our best to accommodate specific color schemes and varieties, but we harvest the freshest blooms available in the field at the time of your event.
 While blooms can last up to a week if properly cared for, we recommend picking up your buckets no more than 3 days before your event.
 Buckets are only available from July through September.  The exact date varies each year.
One bucket will fill 5-7 quart-sized mason jars.
There is a $7 per bucket deposit (for the bucket itself) and it’s fully refundable upon return of clean buckets.
Delivery is not included.
Final payment is due at pick up. 
The more flexible you are the more enjoyable your experience will be.
 We are also a working farm with several rambunctious dogs and 2 crazy kids.  Please make an appointment prior to your visit so the dogs and kids can be handled prior to your arrival!
Because our flowers are at the mercy of Mother Nature, we cannot guarantee or reserve flowers. 
 We do recommend that you visit the farm a week in advance to see what is available and those flowers coming into bloom.  Also consider making a sample bouquet.  

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