My name is Lynsey and since 2017, I’ve been playing in the dirt and pouring my passion for beauty and small business into Muddy Acres Flower Farm. To me, owning a flower farm isn’t just about growing and selling beautiful blooms—it’s about building a haven I’m passionate about with my family and fur babies nearby. 

I say nearby because Muddy Acres isn’t just a flower farm, it’s our home. Yup, we live here! If you drop by to grab a bouquet from our flower stand or to attend a U-Pick, you might be greeted by one of our big fluffy dogs, a chicken looking for a treat, or our boys wrestling in the yard.  While some days are a little chaotic, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

While Muddy Acres is truly my sanctuary, it wasn’t even a dream I knew I had just a few years ago. I don’t have blissful childhood memories of playing in Aunt Betty’s garden and I never worked at a garden center. What I do know is that I believe everyone has a path. And mine led me right here. 




The Beginning 

In 2015, we were living in the heart of downtown Plymouth, Michigan.  We had just done a major renovation on our home taking it down to the studs and adding a second story. However, I was still checking real estate on a daily basis. When we came across a home with 17 acres on the outskirts of town, we knew we had to at least just take a look. In the course of one weekend, we visited the property, made an accepted offer, and sold our house.  But I truly feel that we stumbled on that listing for a reason. 

After we moved, I immediately embraced the country lifestyle and let my ideas run wild. I wanted to raise all the farm animals I could possibly get. And while I was trying to figure all that out, I planted a small flower garden. I loved the flowers more than I ever expected and that’s when things really took off. I soon realized our busy lifestyle wouldn’t support all the farm animals, so I shifted all my energy into growing armloads of incredible flowers. The rest is history.  





 Sharing the Beauty

Since I started flower farming, I’ve discovered that it’s not only the creative side of growing flowers that I’m passionate about; I truly enjoy the process of building a business. Growing a business is just like growing flowers. You plant a seed, nurture it and care for it, and see it transform into something magical. And I want to share that magic. Pairing my business experience with my social platform, I believe it’s my purpose to help women follow their passions and believe their seed is worth planting. That’s why, in early 2021, I launched my Muddy B-School program. And the community has been more amazing than I ever could’ve imagined.





Where We Are Now

As I head outside every day, it’s crazy to think about how many things have changed in my career. I’ve replaced my swanky stilettos with muck boots and hoodies. I cherish the serenity living in the country provides and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I can’t totally explain it, but I believe I was meant to end up here in the country getting my hands in the soil and embracing my desire to cultivate beauty.

And it’s so rewarding to be able to share it with our community. We may be off the beaten path, but our farm is a magical place where people can forget their stresses, soak in nature, and experience something beautiful.






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